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G  E  D  N   E   Y     T  H  E  S  I  S
Introduction 1
Part I: Structure 8
Part II: Indic Elements 70
Part III: Glossary 91
Appendix 587
Footnotes 608
Indic Loanwords in Spoken Thai: William J. Gedney, 1947
The acknowledged father of modern Tai linguistics, Gedney's PhD thesis was the first formal, large-scale study of Pali and Sanskrit loans in modern Thai.  Gedney's thesis differed from contemporary Thai analyses by ignoring orthography, and instead focusing on predictable, regular, phonemic change.  A half-century later, Gedney still provids an unequalled picture of Thai's historical development.
See also William J. Gedney Collection of Thai Material (OCLC 48705616).

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Introduction 1
Part I. The Structure of Spoken Thai 8
    The Sound System 9
        Segmental Structure 10
            Vowels 11
            Initial Consonants 14
            Final Consonants 20
        Tonal Structure 23
        Junctural Features 26
    Grammatical Structure 29
        Syntax 31
        Morphology 50
Part II. The Indic Element in Thai 70
    Sound Correspondences 77
        Consonants 78
        Vowels 88
Part III. Glossary 91
Appendix 587
Footnotes 608